The Magic Cloth - Microfiber cleaning cloth that is allergy and environmentally friendly!

The Magic Cloth

"Changing The Way America Cleans"


chemicals THE MAGIC CLOTH is a classic ultra-fine microfiber cloth that has set off  a revolution in household cleaning. Used damp - with only water - it removes dirt, grease, and grime from just about anything, and it does it with ease.

Used dry, it is the very best dust cloth you have ever used! It is the microscopic fibers which attract and absorb dirt particles, dust and whatever they encounter. No chemicals or soaps needed!

Our Magic Cloth is the perfect illustration of a product whose time has come. It is a Godsend for those families with allergies or odor sensitivities. And it saves untold dollars spent on chemical cleaning agents. But microfiber cleaning does even more than save our health, our time and our money. It is helping to save our planet!! This is truly the environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

The Magic Cloth Has Many Uses! HOME

Kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, floors & carpet. Removes stains other cleaners will not, such as wine, cosmetics, markers, crayons, coffee with cream, tea and numerous other food items. windows, mirrors, and all glass surfaces,
antiques and collectibles,

lamps and vases,

crystal chandeliers and musical instruments,

children's, and especially, infants' toys,

and much, much more ...



All exterior paint finishes. After washing, use as a chamois for drying. Dry with a clean cloth to prevent those tiny water spots. Seats, floors and door panels, dashboards, steering wheels and all vinyl or leather surfaces, chrome trim and alloy wheels.


Carpet and upholstery stains from coffee, food and ink. Equipment which chemical cleaners may harm. Doorknobs, telephones and areas that are shared by employees, especially during flu and cold seasons.

Wall marks and fingerprints,

Breakroom tables and chairs,

Microwaves and refrigerators,

Coffee, gum and candy, food and pop machines.



All forms of sporting and recreational equipment, such as, golf clubs, fishing rods, guns, archery, camping gear and skis.

Vehicles, such as, golf carts, boats, airplanes, and snowmobiles.

THE MAGIC CLOTH is easy to care for. With proper use, your Magic Cloth will last for years. For quick cleaning, hand wash with any hand soap or dishwashing liquid. The Magic Cloth loves hot water - the hotter the better. It makes the microfibers swell to release trapped dirt.

Using the washing machine is ideal. Fabric softener should not be used on your Magic Cloth and never, never, never use bleach. Placing your cloth in the dryer, after washing, will restore its soft texture.

THE MAGIC CLOTH is tough like fishing line - but it's not. It works like sandpaper - but it's not. It feels like velvet - but it's not. Amazing?

Yes, totally!
My Story

This is my own personal account of how I found out about the cloth and what happened after I invited a few neighbors in to get their opinions on it. I share this with you not to brag about the the number of sales I made but to illustrate how amazing this Magic Cloth is when people see what it can do.

My girl-friend told me about this amazing cloth. I was so excited after talking to her I ordered one. When my cloth arrived I cleaned and cleaned. My home sparkled. It had even taken out a stubborn grape juice stain, using only water. I was amazed. I thought I'll bet my neighbors would be interested in somthing like this. So I sent them an invitation.
My guests arrived and were inquisitive about seeing a "Magic Show". They thought I was going to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

I told them how I found a "Magic Cloth" to do the cleaning for me, using no chemicals and very little effort. I asked them if they would give me their opinion on it.

After the demonstration they were also amazed! I told them that I had two Magic Cloths that I would like to send home with someone and have them clean for three days and then tell me their experience using it.

To my surprise they didn't want to try it. They wanted to buy it. I sold 18 Magic Cloths that day. One lady bought six.

So on July 22, 2002 The Magic Cloth was born and the rest is history.

Our Unlimited 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

When you order The Magic Cloth, you do so entirely at our financial risk, not yours. The Magic Cloth , comes with a NO RISK, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. We're that proud of it, and we know you will be, too! Order your Magic Cloth today, and use it in your home or office or on your car, truck, motorcycle or RV. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, we'll give you an immediate 100% refund. You simply can't lose!

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